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Elected Officials & Organizations

United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA)


California School Employees Association

Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West (SEIU-UHW)

Betty Yee

Controller, State of California

Anthony Portantino

State Senator, District 25, and Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee


Nithya Raman

LA City Councilmember, District 4

Jackie Goldberg

School Board Member, District 5, and former teacher, L.A. City Councilmember, and state Assemblymember

Scott Schmerelson

School Board Member, District 3, and former school administrator

Dr. George McKenna 
School Board Member, District 1, and former school administrator

East Area Progressive Democrats (EAPD)

Largest Democratic club in L.A. County and in California

Democrats for Neighborhood Action (DNA)

Stonewall Democratic Club


Centro CSO, Boyle Heights

Parents Supporting Teachers (Padres Apoyando a Maestros)

Network for Public Education Action (NPE Action)

Feminists In Action

NELA Climate Collective


Centro CSO


Angelenos for Green Schools


Eastside Padres Contra La Privatización /

Eastside Parents Against Privatization 

Community Leaders

Erica Vilardi-Espinosa 
Parent, public school advocate, and former candidate for Board District 2, Los Feliz 


Alicia Romero Pérez

Teacher, City Terrace

Koreen Cea

Teacher, Cypress Park, and elected delegate, L.A. County Democratic Party

Gabby Cervantes

Community/parent advocate, Highland Park

Jazmin García

Parent and Reclaim Our Schools* advocate, City Terrace

Emily Spokes
Environmental leader, Highland Park

Angelica Lopez Moyes
Parent and library, healthcare, and seniors advocate, Chinatown

Judy and Art Flores

Public school supporters, El Sereno

Carl Petersen
Parent of special-education students in LAUSD and 2017 candidate for District 2

Jenni Chang
Parent and healthcare advocate, Los Feliz, and elected delegate, L.A. County Democratic Party

Richard L. Ray

Disability rights leader and nationally renowned activist for the deaf and hard of hearing, Silver Lake


Vicky Montes

Teacher and parent, Lincoln Heights

Josh Nuni
Neighborhood advocate, Los Feliz, and elected Executive Board member, L.A. County and state Democratic Party

Brenda Del Hierro
Parent and Reclaim Our Schools* advocate, Highland Park

Andrea García

School library aide, Cypress Park, and parent and union activist

Dave Lara
Navy veteran, author, and LGBT advocate, Garvanza

Elena Popp
Housing advocate and tenant protection leader, Lincoln Heights

Lara Morrison
Environmental leader, bioethics instructor, and affordable housing advocate, Historic Filipinotown

Cynthia Liu
Parent and K12 News Network editor, Downtown L.A.

Carlos M. Montes
Civil rights and charter-school accountability advocate, Boyle Heights

Ron Buckmire
Mathematician, professor, and cofounder of Black LGBT civil rights organization, Monterey Hills

Estrella Sainburg
Former neighborhood council chair, Highland Park

Lois Tryk
Parent of Marshall High School student and public education advocate, Silver Lake

Liz Amsden
Northeast L.A. watchdog, neighborhood and budget advocate, and CityWatch contributor

Josh Rutkoff
Parent, Highland Park

Vicky Martinez
Parent and Reclaim Our Schools* advocate, Highland Park

Irene Narváez
School administrator, Highland Park

Rebecca Roe and Peter Olson
LAUSD parents and teachers, Highland Park

Sharon Lilly and Joan Potter
Retired LAUSD administrator and longtime officer, Uptown Gay & Lesbian Alliance (UGLA)*, Highland Park

Rafael Chagoya
Army veteran and Chair, EAPD Veterans Committee, Boyle Heights


Ernie Powell
Seniors advocate and anti-privatization leader, Koreatown

Raul Macias

Youth sports organizer, Cypress Park

Drew Paonessa

Media producer, Monterey Hills

Christine Moore

Public school administrator, Highland Park

Griselda Solís

School counselor, East Los Angeles

Bennett Kayser

Former school board member, Echo Park

Francisco Cendejas and Jenifer Crawford

Healthcare workers advocate and college faculty member, Lincoln Heights

Ianthe Zevos

Creative director and affordable housing advocate, Silver Lake

Seth Cutler

Retired teacher, Highland Park

Sara Lee

Environmental and climate action advocate, Highland Park

Hugh Esten and Margaret Crane

Good government and arts advocates, Highland Park

Carol Ng

Retired youth services professional, Silver Lake

Carlos Medina

LGBT advocate, Los Feliz

Victor Frías

Educator and union leader, East L.A.

Cheryl Ortega

Bilingual education leader, Los Feliz

King Reilly and Sue Romo

Public-school advocates, Los Feliz


Antonieta García

Parent and caregiver, East L.A.

Brittany Margulieux

Small business owner, Highland Park

Laura Mannino

Women’s rights advocate and screenwriter, Highland Park

Mary A. Fischer

Journalist and author, Highland Park


Elena Velarde

Retired special education adviser, Mt. Washington

Jeff Horton

Former School Board Member, LAUSD

Susan Reimers

Community advocate and board member, Echo Park Improvement Association (EPIA)*

Guillermo Reyes

Community and veterans advocate, Cypress Park

Sandra Madera

Progressive activist, Angeleno Heights

Susan Philips

Resident, Silver Lake

Israel Martin

Teacher, Los Feliz


Isa-Kae Meksin

Retired teacher and unrelenting activist, Angeleno Heights


David Y. Kim

Attorney, immigrant rights and LGBT leader, DTLA resident, and candidate for U.S. Congress

Christopher Arellano
Union organizer and public education advocate, Lincoln Heights

Rosa Rivas
Community leader and advocate for foster parents and youth, Garvanza

Rick Tuttle

Former Los Angeles City Controller

LIndsay Carlson

Attorney and member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Women Lawyers

Luis López

Principal at Bravo Medical Magnet High School, Highland Park voter 

* = for individual identification purposes only; does not imply endorsement by entity 

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